The ID discs have arrived!!!

I have to say, they look magnificent! They are perfect, just as new originals would be! 

Thanks again, great job!

Dan Sanger




I received the order on Thursday. Excellent!

I appreciate your patience regarding the money order confusion. I also appreciate the info regarding my uncles possible units of enlistment in the Regina area.


Mike Boyce




Everything is perfect. Thank you for doing such a good job.

Thank you very much.

Alastair Lyons




All the documents arrived yesterday, and they look outstanding. 

The Xerox copies are a great help. 

I may have some questions when I start to fill them out.

Hope you don't mind.

Again, Thanks,

Dale Vinton




I received the tags yesterday and they look splendid :)

Well done!

Jason Kritikos




The stuff looks great, Iíll put it to use at the next event in a week Huertgen Forest at Dead

Timber State Park in our fair Nebraska.

Thanks again.

Scott Wilson




Btw, I had Lieut. Mills inspect my kit on the week-end.

He thought the helmet you made me was one of the best he's ever seen. And he's got a lot of them, all types allied and enemy. I mentioned that you had the parts for another. He also liked the Service and Pay Book. I told him about your new business. You might want to let people know on the A Coy site.

Talk to you later

Dave Avery




I received the package on Friday. I am very impressed with the paperwork. They are so good that I'm not too sure I would like to display them. If I do, I'll make sure that no one will be able to touch them. They are very well done.

Thank you very much. I really like the RAF & RCAF tags too. I'll make sure to wear them next week.

Dean Villafuerte
Tags came yesterday. They're really great! 
Thanks again
Sean Roberts
I received your ID disks and Canadian Pay book and Equipment book from you recently and I just wanted to say that 
your products are the best in terms of accuracy and craftsmanship.  They match the originals in everyway from the 
text font even down to the paper quality.  Veterans and the public always seem more interested in the small things 
and your products have amazed them when it is revealed that they are a modern reproduction.
Well done Tim.
Jordan Baker
Assistant to the Curator,  RHLI Heritage Museum.
Everything received. Looks great.  
Frederick Carsted
It all showed up today... 
Thanks for the extras. You do great work. 
Please bring more of your items to Toronto, I know I am going to want more items, a 
Clothing and Equipment statement and 1 more pay book.
L/Cpl. Timothy P. Edwards 
1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Preservation Assoc. USA, Inc. 
Board Member - Secretary/Webmaster 
Hi Tim,
A great looking helmet was waiting for me at home on Friday, what a great job you have done.
I am putting Dubbin on the chinstrap and the whole thing fits spot on right out of the box.
I am also canvassing the guys here to get an order together for ID cards, pay books and parachutist 
cards. Thank you very much for putting it together, now to just find a C-47, hmmmm...
Regards for now
Gordon Pringle
Hi Tim....
I have received the paperwork you sent me and the quality is great!!!
Thanks for the quick service!
Brent Clifford 
Received the package on Friday and everything looks great. 
It will certainly be a great addition to my Black Watch of Canada impression.
Robert Thompson
Hi Tim,
Just a short note to let you know the items did arrive! 
Thanks for the additional items. All items are great!
Kind regards,
Richard Richter
Hello Tim,
I received the ID Tags today they are B-U-T-Ful. :) Thanks.
Richard Whittaker
My order came yesterday and it looks good. I'll pass the word to others.
Paul Levasseur
Dear Tim,
Our WWII Canadian Army paperwork arrived today and both my Wife and I were UTTERLY AMAZED 
with your MAGIC! These documents could have come through a temporal rift, they are so detailed and
amazingly accurate. With the craft of WWII re-enacting growing a crucial component of a good
portrayal is detail, accuracy and authenticity and your products demonstrate this talent and much,
much more. Tonight I cannot wait to show my bag piping students these works of art! Having seen
these "Clever Forgerys" we can't wait to see what other "Rabbits you'll pull out of your Magic
Hat", Tim!
S/Sgt. G.W. Andras & Lt. A. Virkus,
WWII RCAMC Re-enactors.
Hi Tim,
I've had the tags posted to me and I thought I'd just take the time to say that they're spot on! Very happy with them!
Thanks for your help :-)
All the best,
Richard Stubley
Got the dog tags, perfect just like my Dad's. I will be ordering a few more soon.
Blair Ferguson.